Oct 112014
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Hey all
A friend of a friend is a teacher in an East Oakland school and she’s been paying out of her own pocket to provide snacks to the students who come to school hungry in the morning. She’s looking for help. Im sure there’s a non-profit out there that helps with this kind of thing, but I dont know of one…does anyone out there have any leads? Or if you would like to get involved in helping out that would be amazing too. Email me at iso@foragesf.com if you have any leads.

May 192014

Today was a great day. I got the chance to join our class up in the Sierras on the hunt for the ever illusive morel! I try to get out with the classes as much as I can, but usually have to leave them in the very capable hands of our resident mushroom expert Patrick. The Sierras are amazing, and basically deserted, so we had the place to ourselves. We found a good haul of different species of edible mushrooms. From coral mushrooms, which was my big find; to coccora, which is an edible amanita (the same family as the most deadly of all, the Death Cap); to the delicious morel. One hunter found a huge haul, and everyone went home with some great finds.
Getting out into nature is a great reset. I’ve been mostly ocean bound these days, spearfishing, abalone diving and surfing, so it was nice to get up in the crisp mountain air for a change. If you want to get out there yourself check do it now, because mushroom season is almost over for the year! Classes here.

Mar 262014
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The bill to repeal the glove law, AB2130, passed the Assembly yesterday 18-0! Thanks to everyone who sent in letters of support, they really made a difference. We still have to get through the Assembly Appropriations Committee and then on to the Assembly Floor and the Senate. Still a long road to go, but the unanimous vote today shows that folks in Sacramento see this is a bill that the people dont want. Exciting stuff!


Mar 242014
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Tomorrow is a big day. Its the day the health committee decides whether to repeal the glove law. Your support on this petition is one of the reasons they’re meeting at all, but now we need to show them you really mean it.

Two ways to help:
1. Send a letter of support to Benjamin.Russell@asm.ca.gov. There is a sample letter below, but you can also let them know in your own words that you support AB2130 (the bill to repeal the law). If you send a letter please let me know.

2. Go to Sacramento! I know its a drive, but its important that we have people there to show their support. The meeting is at 1:30pm in room 4202 of the State Capitol. Let us know if you can make it.

Thanks again for your support. Your voice is working to change a misguided law that will effect millions of people. We’re in the homestretch now, we can do it!



Sample Letter:


The Honorable Dr. Richard Pan

Assemblymember, 9th District

State Capitol, Room 6005

Sacramento, CA 95814

Fax: (916) 319-2109

Re: AB 2130 (Pan) – SUPPORT

Dear Assemblymember Pan,

[Name of your organization] writes to express our support of your AB 2130, which would

roll back the recently enacted law prohibiting bare hand contact with ready-to-eat food.

This prohibition, created last year by AB 1252 (Committee on Health), will require bars and

restaurants to buy and discard thousands of disposable gloves, imposing a significant financial

burden and environmental impact. The numerous glove changes workers will be required to

undertake will further result in a loss of operational efficiency. Though we are in full support

of ensuring food safety for restaurant customers, small restaurants and bars were not involved

in the discussion surrounding AB 1252. As a result, substantive changes that directly affect our

business and livelihood were put into place without our input.

[Optional: include a brief statement about your organization and the problems created by the

glove law.]

We thank you for introducing AB 2130 to roll back the glove law.


[Name and title]

cc: Members of the Assembly Health Committee







Feb 252014
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You did it! You signed and they listened! Assemblymember Pan, the chair of the Health Committee (the committee that passed the Glove Law), announced emergency legislation today to repeal the law! We’re not done yet, we still have to make sure the bill goes through, but they havnt heard any major opposition so it’s looking good. This is super exciting, and a real example of how powerful we are as a group. This is my first time wading into politics, and granted, its a law that was clearly ridiculous, but its really amazing how quickly this all happened. The people spoke and the government listened: If only all politics could work so well….

Thank you all for the support so far, and I’ll make sure to keep you updated as we move forward.


Feb 112014
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Been working working working on getting this campaign going. After just a few days we have over 2500 signatures on our petition! We’re going to be meeting with Assemblyman Phil Ting tomorrow, hoping to convince him to champion the bill. Met with the new head of the GGRA (Golden Gate Restaurant Association), Pattie Unterman from Hayes Street Grill, and Earl Shaddix from Bayview Underground Market to talk strategy. We’re going to really start pushing this out to media after we get Ting to agree to work with us (fingers crossed!).

Next steps are getting more folks in the city to be aware of the campaign. Going to be organizing some folks to canvas the cities restaurants, getting people to sign the petition. If you want to get involved, email me at iso@foragesf.com. This is exciting stuff! I really think we’re getting somewhere in pushing back against this misguided law.